Face masks

Crazy for face masks?

La Cremerie lets you indulge in new and intriguing textures, with nature that you "see" and "feel" in your masks and with many different varieties.

We are also specialized in peel off masks, and select the best raw materials by mixing alginates from algae with the most functional active ingredients, to obtain formulations that are highly effective and easy to use.
The wide range of these peel off masks meets the needs of all skin types. How do you recognize a peel mask on the best quality?

1 - Once applied it dries quickly
2 - It is easily removed, allowing you to detach large parts of mask
3 - It is very elastic
4 - Leave a fabulous skin


Peel off mask: Pour into a bowl 3 tablespoons of peel off powder mask and the same amount of cold water.
Using a wooden spatula, mix the mixture well, turning vigorously. Apply the mask on the face stretching it from the forehead to the neck. Leave on for 20 minutes. Remove the mask from the neck, climbing towards the chin, then passing to the cheeks, eyes and forehead. Close the treatment by applying a La Cremerie face cream.

Cream masks: Spread a mask layer on the face and neck. Leave on for about 20 minutes. The mask is easily removed with the help of cotton pads and rinsed with warm water.

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