The specific treatments with THERMOresults liposomes are the great international breakthrough in the professional beauty field. This is because, given the very small size of THERMOresult liposomes (less than 300 microns), these
particles that contain the active ingredients within them, can be conveyed in depth and really reach the imperfection that you want to solve. This is why they are also referred to as "magic bullets" that always reach the established target. THERMOresults liposomes are thermosensitive, so they release the active ingredients that they contain only when the localized temperature of 38-39 ° C is reached. To obtain this localized temperature quickly and effectively so that the programmed release process of the active ingredients is triggered once the THERMOresults liposomes have penetrated deeply and have really reached the imperfection that we want to solve, we use the THERMOresults technology with the specific programs dedicated to liposomes.
The radiofrequency on board the THERMOresults technology helps to deeply renew the tissues stimulating the fibroblasts to the production of new collagen and triggering the neogenesis of elastin.
The THERMOresults radiofrequency is particularly indicated to obtain the effect of wrinkle reduction, to redefine the contour of the face and to smoothen the "bags" effect of the eyes and reduce the "double chin" effect.
THERMOresults radiofrequency makes it possible to obtain an even younger and more elastic skin look by activating a natural process of skin bio-renewal.
In terms of results from the first session you will note a strong lifting tensor effect.

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